Cut Away Overgrown Branches and Limbs

Trust our tree trimming in the Salinas, CA and Monterey County area

Trim away excess leaves and branches. Rodriguez Tree Service, LLC has plenty of experience with tree trimming and tree pruning. We'll cut away the branches that are blocking your view or scraping against your window.

Tree trimming is good for the tree, too. It helps your trees to grow upright and in the right direction. Our services actually improve the health of your trees by cutting away diseased or damaged limbs.

We are experienced climbers who can take care of hard-to-reach branches at the tops of your trees.

Contact us now to request tree trimming in Salinas, CA or Monterey County.

Stay safe with our fire clearance services

Underbrush can be ignited all too easily by stray sparks or flames. Don't take any risks. Count on an expert to handle fire clearance on your property. We'll clear away dead leaves and wood that could fuel a wildfire. Your property will be safe and sound.

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