Get Rid of Pesky Stumps in Your Yard

Clear your yard with our stump grinding service in Salinas, CA and Monterey County

Stumps aren't just unsightly-they can also be dangerous. Stumps left in your yard pose a tripping hazard to everyone walking through, and they attract pests and parasites. Rodriguez Tree Service, LLC provides the stump grinding service you need.

Stumps on your property:

  • Make it difficult to mow
  • Attract small animals
  • Lower your home's curb appeal
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We'll take care of any stump removal you might need

Don't let stumps stick around. Think of us when you need a stump removal. We'll eliminate the entire stump so there's no risk of new tree growth starting up again. We can mulch stumps down so there isn't a hole left behind. We can also haul the whole stump away.

Contact us now to ask about getting a stump removal in Salinas, CA and Monterey County.