Give Your Trees the Attention They Need

We offer seasonal tree pruning throughout Salinas, CA and Monterey County

Your trees have different needs in the fall and in the spring. Rodriguez Tree Service, LLC takes care of your trees so they can look good all year long. Our tree pruning can help your trees flourish no matter what season it is.

We offer seasonal pruning for oak trees. We also take care of structural pruning to alleviate the weight of dead wood pulling the rest of the tree down. We can even do bracing to keep trees standing tall.

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Turn to us for seasonal tree care

Whether you're looking at your yard from your porch on a hot summer's day or through your window on a crisp fall morning, you should like what you see. We'll make sure you do with our seasonal tree care services.

Contact us now to ask about seasonal tree care in Salinas, CA and the surrounding areas.