Keep Your Property Secure

Schedule fence installation services in Salinas or Monterey, CA

Whether for privacy or protection, building a fence can really benefit your property. Rodriguez Tree Service, LLC provides professional fence installation and repair services throughout Salinas and Monterey, CA. You can trust our professionals to handle everything from measuring your property to completing the build.

We work with a variety of fencing materials, so we can build all sorts of fences and restore any type of fence you already have. Contact us in Salinas, CA to learn more about our fence installation and repair services today.

Have you been through a recent storm?

If you've had a tree recently come down on your fence, turn to Rodriguez Tree Service for emergency fence repair services. We'll come to assess your damage and provide the repairs you need right away. You won't have to worry about the tree afterward-we'll remove it for you.

Schedule your fence repair services in Salinas or Monterey, CA today. Call 831-595-8092 for emergency fence repair.